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InfraCrete® is a mineral aggregate that, together with binder, makes almost any base material highly load-bearing, frost-resistant and durable.

InfraCrete® consists of complex mineral compounds. Of course, we can't tell you any more than that.

InfraCrete® is a dry powder. It is easy to use the product and measure the right quantity precisely.

Base layers constructed with InfraCrete® and binder have a higher load-bearing capacity than conventionally constructed base layers, but also than base layers reinforced with cement or lime alone. In addition, base layers constructed with InfraCrete® are absolutely frost-proof, resistant to salt and acids, resistant to the formation of alkali-silica reactions and to harmful sulphate drift.

InfraCrete® base layers are soil stabilization or hydraulically bound base layers and thus represent a common and frequently used standardized construction method in Germany and many other countries, which is significantly improved in many ways by the additional use of the mineral aggregate InfraCrete®.

InfraCrete® and its predecessor products have been around since the 1990s.

InfraCrete® is exclusively produced in Germany.

The sole manufacturer and owner of InfraCrete® worldwide is owner-managed InfraCrete GmbH, based in Zollikon, Switzerland, with its production site in Neuburg an der Donau in Bavaria, Germany.


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A base layer constructed with InfraCrete® has a higher load-bearing capacity and is more resistant than a conventionally constructed base layer. In addition, the construction of conventional base layers requires the excavation of the existing soil, its disposal in accordance with the latest environmental regulations and the purchase of filling material to build up the new mineral base layer. InfraCrete® base layers, on the other hand, only require InfraCrete® and binder, without the need to excavate the existing soil material. This results in significant time and cost savings.

The base layers created using InfraCrete® are significantly more stable, resilient and resistant. InfraCrete® layers are also absolutely frost-proof and resistant to water, salt and acids, prevent harmful sulphate corrosion and the formation of concrete cancer and thus prevent damage to or destruction of the base layer. InfraCrete® base layers are therefore significantly more durable and require less maintenance during their calculated service life. The use of InfraCrete® also allows the total amount of binder to be reduced while maintaining the same strength.

There is another major advantage: using InfraCrete® reduces the risk of shrinkage cracks, which considerably increases the lifetime of the base layer. You do not need any additional chemical additives to prevent shrinkage. InfraCrete® also immobilises environmentally harmful contaminants in the base material (e.g., PAH, heavy metals).

There are no restrictions on your choice of wearing course. You can use asphalt, cobblestone or chipseal courses. Alternatively, you can choose a natural surface without a wearing course.

The wearing courses can be considerably thinner than those needed for conventionally constructed base courses. A thin layer of asphalt (4–6 cm instead of 12–16 cm) or a chipseal layer (single or double saturation) is sufficient. Thick layers of asphalt or cobblestone are technically unnecessary.

The materials available on the construction site are used very sparingly, which saves money. You do not need to excavate the existing soil, transport and dispose of the excavated material in adherence to environmental regulations, or establish a new mineral base layer using filler materials that are purchased or taken from the construction site.

Many tasks required for the construction of conventional base layer become unnecessary. This saves approximately 75% of the time required by conventional processes.

InfraCrete® makes it possible to create base layers that are extremely load-bearing and resilient as well as extremely resistant and frost-proof, can be constructed quickly and easily under many geological and climatic conditions and are suitable for a large number of applications. Low construction costs and short construction times are just as characteristic as a long service life with low maintenance requirements and significantly reduced maintenance costs. InfraCrete® significantly reduces the so-called "Total Costs of Ownership" over the calculated service life without having to compromise on both quality and durability.

Independent laboratories have found that InfraCrete® is more effective and economical than competitor products.


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As a soil stabilization or hydraulically bound base course, InfraCrete® is milled into the existing base material together with binder, compacted and levelled.

The average binder requirement for coarse-grained soils is between 4 M-% and 6 M-%, for mixed-grained soils between 6 M-% and 8 M-% and for fine-grained soils between 8 M-% and 10 M-%, in each case based on the dry mass of the starting material, whereby the binder mixture always consists of 2 M-% InfraCrete® and 98 M-% binder.

2 M-% InfraCrete® and 98 M-% binder

Every soil stabilisation process (using lime, cement or cement plus an additive) requires special machines. You need a spreader that applies the binder in the exact amount needed and a tiller that evenly tills the binder into the soil. In addition, you need standard machines as used by any road construction company: a grader, rubber-wheeled roller and smooth roller.

Various standards, data sheets and other regulations constitute the rules governing soil stabilisation and hydraulically bound layers (HBL). They ensure the construction of an even, high-quality product. In Germany, these construction frameworks are especially found in the following publications: “Merkblatt über Bodenverfestigung und Bodenverbesserungen mit Bindemittel”; ZTV E - StB 09; RStO 12; TP Beton-StB 10; TB BF-StB; den ZTV Beton-StB 07; DIN EN 206-1; DIN 1045-2; DIN EN 13282-(1-3); DIN EN 459-1; DIN EN 197-1; DIN EN 1164-10.


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InfraCrete® is available in all European countries and many non-European countries.

In some countries there are officially licensed distribution partners of InfraCrete®. Customers from countries without distribution partners can purchase the product directly and easily from InfraCrete GmbH.

InfraCrete® is produced exclusively by InfraCrete GmbH. It is sold by InfraCrete GmbH and selected licensed distribution partners. Unfortunately, third-party products are sometimes illegally branded InfraCrete® and offered for sale. Companies pretend to have a legal relationship with InfraCrete GmbH in order to benefit from the strong, established InfraCrete® brand. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will tell you if you have been offered a counterfeit product.

You can only purchase the mineral additive InfraCrete® from InfraCrete GmbH and its licensed sales partners, as transporting a ready-made premix over longer distances would be highly uneconomical.

InfraCrete® comes in palletised Big Bags with a net weight of 1.000 kg. Please contact us if you wish to order our product in another format, e.g. in bags or as a bulk purchase.

Yes. Regardless of your preferred container, the general minimum order volume is one pallet with a net weight of 1,000 kg.

Yes. We will be happy to provide you with a free, non-binding sample in a standard laboratory quantity. You can use it to run your own laboratory tests.

Please get in touch for our current prices and an individual offer for your construction project.

Yes. Our quoted prices include delivery to the construction site or another destination. They are exclusive of VAT and any customs fees, import taxes, etc.

You will have the statutory warranty rights governing our liability for defects.

InfraCrete GmbH cannot offer a warranty for your construction project, as the additive InfraCrete® is only one of many construction materials used to implement your project. As a product manufacturer, InfraCrete GmbH has no influence on the correct application of its product nor on the flawless implementation of the entire construction project.