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What is InfraCrete®?

InfraCrete® TS.S - The basic version
The basic version of InfraCrete®, which is suitable for the vast majority of public and private-sector construction projects and ensures a significant reduction in costs and a noticeable acceleration in construction times. It can be used with coarse-grained, mixed-grained and fine-grained base materials alike and is therefore particularly suitable for rehabilitation measures on existing roads and paths, commercial and industrial sites.

InfraCrete® TS.I - The special version for immobilizing pollutants
The product for the simultaneous and permanent immobilization of pollutants contained in the source material, so that such contaminated soils no longer have to be removed and disposed of at high cost in special landfills, but can remain on site. This has, amongst others, been proven to be the case for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and chromates.

InfraCrete® TS.O - The special version for treating material with a high organic content
The product for base material with an above-average proportion of organic fractions, for example marine clay and marsh soils or soils with a peat content. This makes it particularly suitable for the rehabilitation of coastal roads, paths and surfaces and for the construction of new roads, paths and surfaces on newly developed land.

How does InfraCrete® work?

Accelerated hydration processes: Shorter construction times and faster usability
InfraCrete® accelerates hydration processes, which not only leads to high early strengths of InfraCrete® base layers, but also to significantly reduced waiting times of just 12 hours on average before a renovated or newly constructed base layer can be used.

Special properties: Increased resistance of the base layers
InfraCrete® simultaneously leads to a significant increase in (compressive) strength during the hydration process and to a noticeably higher flexural tensile strength, especially during the early phase of hydration, which significantly reduces the risk of shrinkage cracks forming, minimizing the water absorption of the base layers and improving frost and thaw resistance.

Inclusion in the matrix: Permanent immobilization of pollutants
Pollutants contained in the base material, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) or chromates, are reliably and permanently encapsulated in the matrix of the InfraCrete® base layer as part of the hydration process. The pollutants permanently immobilized in this way can therefore no longer develop their hazard potential for humans and the environment.

Why should you use InfraCrete®?

Low costs │ Short construction times │ Sustainable construction

With InfraCrete® base layers, you can save costs on a large scale without compromising on quality and durability. You can also build much faster than with conventional construction methods. And finally, the InfraCrete® construction method is extremely resource-efficient, so you are also doing something good for the environment.

Ø 50% lower costs

  • ✓ no material replacement
  • ✓ short construction times
  • ✓ long service life
  • ✓ no maintenance costs

Ø 75% less time

  • ✓ fewer work steps
  • ✓ shorter construction times
  • ✓ faster opening to traffic / use
  • ✓ fewer disruptions

Ø 1.5 kg less CO2

  • ✓ Ø 1.5 kg less CO2 emissions per m²
  • ✓ Ø 445 mg less NOx emissions per m²
  • ✓ use of existing resources
  • ✓ immobilization of environmental toxins

All Benefits

Why should you use InfraCrete®?

Cost savings: Ø 50 less total costs
The resource-saving use of the locally available material, which is converted into a long-lasting, load-bearing and frost-proof base course, eliminates the need for significant cost factors in comparison to conventional construction methods. Much shorter construction times make a contribution to further cost savings. Due to their specific properties, base courses created with InfraCrete® are characterized by a particularly low sensibility to (frost) damage, which results in comparatively low maintenance and repair requirements. The total costs over the calculated lifetime is significantly lower than in the case of conventionally built base courses, on average more than 50 percent.

Time saving: Ø 75 shorter construction times
By eliminating numerous work steps in comparison to conventional construction methods, the innovative InfraCrete® base courses enable noticeably shorter construction times. The base courses can be further processed after only 12 hours, for example by applying a wearing course, or their intended use. Especially in the field of road construction, this leads to significantly shorter interventions in the flow of traffic.

Green footprint: significantly better environmental balance
The InfraCrete® base courses leave a significant green footprint in contrast to conventional construction methods. By using the material already available on site, there is no need to provide valuable resources in the form of fresh building materials. Thus, interference with the environment is minimized. Noticeably less CO2 (~ 1.5 kg per sqm of constructed base course) and NOx (~ 445 mg per sqm of constructed base course) are emitted into the environment by construction machinery and trucks during the construction work through significantly shorter construction times and the elimination of numerous work steps: no excavation, no disposal and no filler materials. Any environmental toxins present in the existing soil material, for example heavy metals or PAHs, are permanently and reliably immobilized by encapsulation in the base course so that they can no longer endanger the environment.

What projects can you use InfraCrete® for?

As a universal base layer system, InfraCrete® is your first choice for a wide variety of construction projects, from public road and path construction to industrial, commercial and even private construction projects.

Rural Roads
Parking Areas
Rail Roads
Harbour Facilities

Industrial Premises
Commercial Premises
Real Estate
Agricultural Projects

For what projects can I use InfraCrete®?

InfraCrete® benefits all projects that require a durable foundation. This includes road construction, industrial, commercial, logistical and real estate projects. The product is equally well-suited for new constructions and restoration projects. Even temporary construction measures (construction site access roads, heavy-duty surfaces, surfaces for mobile cranes, etc.) can be built extremely cost-efficiently, as InfraCrete® base courses are fully recyclable.

With what soil types can I use InfraCrete®?

All coarse-grained, mixed-grained and fine-grained soil types, including organogenic soils, can be transformed into highly stable base and anti-freeze courses with InfraCrete®. The only type of soil unsuitable for base courses is organic peat. For restoration projects, you can reuse all materials in the existing base and wearing courses (including asphalt and cobblestone) to save resources.

Spotlight on: restoration projects


Road renovations: turn old into new!

With InfraCrete® you can rehabilitate damaged roads in a particularly cost-, time- and resource-saving way, because you can easily recycle almost all of the material already used in the existing road.

You simply homogenize the existing road surface and the upper base layer and you then incorporate InfraCrete® and binder into the prepared base material, compact and level it - done. Then, of course, you can apply a new top and wearing layer of asphalt, paving or chip sealing. At the same time, you can permanently immobilize any pollutants present in the base material so that you do not have to remove this material and dispose of it at high cost.

Some examples of projects realized by our customers from all over the world

Our customers have been successfully using our technology for decades in almost all geological and climatic conditions for their respective projects.

Base course for traffic areas of new housing estate

Base course for country road

Base course rehabilitation of container terminal and harbour premises

Link road rehabilitation

Base course for new construction of biogas plant

Close-to-nature plantation road on slope

Base course for industrial building

Bicycle and hiking trail in nature reserve and recreation area

Base course for railroad embankment

Rehabilitation of "European Road"

Temporary heavy duty access road for highway construction site

Base course for production and logistics property

Link road rehabilitation

Link road rehabilitation

Base course for traffic areas of logistics center

Construction of drilling pad for petroleum industry contractor

Race circuit rehabilitation

Fortification of traffic areas of cement plant

Country road rehabilitation

Temporary heavy duty access road to wind mill construction site

Heavy-duty access road to quarry

Base course for supermarket parking lot

Highway rehabiliation

Base course for traffic areas of new housing estate

Construction of port facility

Base course for traffic areas of cold storage building

Close-to-nature roads on plantation

Base course for supermarket parking lot

Base course with cobblestones wearing course

Fortification of company grounds of haulage and construction company

Rehabilitation of rural road

Rehabilitation of household waste recycling centre

Link road rehabilitation

Temporary heavy duty access road to steel mill construction site

Link road rehabilitation

Interstate road rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of cycling and hiking trail

Fortification of traffic areas of sawmill

Link road rehabilitation

Base course for supermarket parking lot

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